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FMC-011 sold out.

O.A.D. "The dish of Minoturos"(FMC-012)

FMC-012 A 2nd album of a group of FMC-003.

Dorillman "TAKE YOUR WAY" (FMC-013)

FMC-013 A Japanese hard psychedelic Rock.

Wilkinson Brothers "Dressing a cow along the upper Nile" (FMC-014)
Living room Landscape Music.An acoustic trio of piano+accordion,wood bass and guitar.The base player of "Bidziliba","O.A.D."and "Sights":Hiroshi Funato,who has been working with major artists recently ,joining Kei Nakagawa("Soul Flower Union")'s solo project "Socialist Escape","Monday Michiru Band"etc.,and keen technics of the "Bidziliba"'s guitarist:Furutaro support unknown piano+accordion player Kiyoshi Shintani who showed a brilliant talent in composing and arranging most of the tunes.
You might call this quiet and gentle music,a mixuture of ZNR+Pascal Comrade+Piazora?
FMC-014 The instrumental music collection by a guitar, a piano,an acoustic base. The cutely peaceful music that seems to be Klimperai and Pascal Comerade.
\2,500 (Sold Out)

The newly recorded CD single by Yoshihide Otomo,who has transformed his works into "on-kyo" as I.S.O. and filament series .
You'll find his works of plain and stolid noise agressive and beautiful as well as "timbre" and "resonance",the deeper you explore the music.

*"on-kyo" is a Japanese term started to be used in the late 80's to categorize the music genre which is composed/improvised and played focusing on timbre and resonance,mostly by editing original sound sourceswith digital sound effect system.
"on"=sound/timbre "kyo"=resonance/echo

FMC-015 sold out.

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