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Drillman "RICA-ON" (FMC-006)
ard-psychedelic band in Kyoto,Drill man's long-awaited CDdebut.
Heavy-psychic-pop prouduced by WATANABE(Convex level -japanease fumous pop band like XTC) and Sawaki(Tanzmusik-jjapanease fumous techno-pop band).
Became very populan among otheer bands in KANSAI.They are a favored band of members from BOREDOMS and S.O.B.. Also many bands are trying to ask about supporting them.       
FMC-006 \2,500 (Sold out)

OMOIDE HATOBA and PUG'S organaiser,infoamous Tsuyama' first solo CD.
European traditional world brimming with lyrical beauty in which Tatsuya Yoshida(RUINS) and the members from Bondage Fruits, Alterd States, etc.
supported. A beautiful album which isn't imaginable from his career.   
FMC-007 \2,800  

ROMP "a moment on the air" (FMC-008)
Strongly influenced from THIS HEAT, irregular beats alternative-funk trio. Charles Haywards performed with this band when he came to JAPAN. Also duo performance by guitar player Toyonaga and Haywards is scheduled to be on Haywards's new live album performed in Japan,"Escape from Europe".
Although most tunes made of just one chords, complicated rythm and brave tape editing shows variable expression. Three years after they got together, they became No.1 band of THIS HEAT followers.   
FMC-008 \2,500  

T. YOSHIDA & R. ANDERSON "A is for a accident" (FMC-009)
release on January 11th '97 2nd albuim of coraboration of Tatsuya Yoshida (RUINS) and Ron Anderson, the guitar player and leader of "MOLECULES", flg bearer of PUNK-JAZZ in San Francisco's LO-FI scene. Killing-class duo album, editing and mixed the live sause at"ICHIKAWA RIBURU" ('95 Dec.) by Yoshida.   
FMC-009 A Duo album ofTatsuya Yoshida of the RUINS and Ron Anderson of the Molecules.

PEREGRINI "doper" (FMC-010)
FMC-010 The techno pop that did loss of strength.

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