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Compiled 14 tunes of 12bands including two bands (PON,Yoshihide Ootomo)from Tokyo, and eight bands (U,Peregrini,Drillman,Soap-Joh Hensi,O.A.D., Sormania,BIZIRIBA,ROMP,EQ,Live under the sky).Mixture of live&studio takes,can be a good guide CD of KANSAIalternativemusic scene.   
FMC-001 \2,233

A group in Kyoto by Female percussion player, guitar and bass with a lot of electronichs, and female mysterious vocals .Hiroshi Funato (ex SIGHTS) plays bass here. Although playing mostly in Kyoto,their career and mysterious world are talked about in many kinds of fields. Tunes full of irregular beats like those sound on "Recommended Label", entwine with the percussions who reminds one of Chris Cutler, and the world brimming with tension and emotion is built by meaningful lyrics and vocals with rich expression.   
FMC-002 Sold out  

O.A.D. "DAYTONA" (FMC-003)
Their music can be called Noise Hip-hop, 90'progressive, or CLUB music for next generation.Dance music of caotic noise with loud volume and high sound pressure. Heavy rythm section by Hirishi Funato(ex SIGHTS) and Tkashi Ogushi (ex S..P.H. and Omoide Hatoba),plus electrically processed saxophone and guitar go wild and make ultra enagetic music.Including many guests like Ryuichi Msuda(ex RUINS ),Yoshihide Ootmo,Hisato Hosoi(Children Coup D'etat),and Atsusi Tsuyama(Omoide Hatoba).   
FMC-003 \2,500  

A band of great weight of KANSAI alternative,Children Coup D'etat which sent many talented musician into the KANSAI music scean,made this CD after a long silence.Edited the source of their last cassette tape from F.M.N. , plus new recordings with new members .Mixture of very hard JAZZ-ROCK and twisted FUNK-POP.Premian of CHAMBER-ROCK.   
FMC-004 \2,500  

Rumored band "LIVE UNDER THE SKY" by Seiichi Yamamoto(Omoide Hatoba),Futoshi Okano and Hiroaki Fuziwara(ex SUBVERT BLAZE) releaseed their first CD. Yamamoto's "FUSION" style exploaded!! Yamamto recored guitar plus raging piano.Fuziwara didn't play only bass but also fiddle and banjo against Okano's burning drums. Ultimate "FUSION"album with wonderful performance.   
FMC-005 \2,500

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