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FMC-004CHILDREN COUP D'ETATPUPPET REACTION\2,500 Mixture of very hard JAZZ-ROCK and twisted FUNK-POP.Premian of CHAMBER-ROCK.
FMC-005SKYLIVE UNDER THE SKY\2,500 Yamamoto(Omoide Hatoba),Futoshi Okano and Hiroaki Fuziwara(ex SUBVERT BLAZE) releaseed their first CD.
FMC-006DrillmanRICA-ON\2,500 Sold out. >>>> FMC-019
FMC-007ATSUSHI TSUYAMAHENRY THE HUMAN HORSE\2,800 Atsushi Tsuyam a member of the Acid mother temple.
FMC-008ROMPa moment on the air\2,500 Strongly influenced from THIS HEAT, irregular beats alternative-funk trio.
FMC-009T. YOSHIDA & R. ANDERSONA is for a accident\2,500 A Duo album ofTatsuya Yoshida of the RUINS and Ron Anderson of the Molecules.
FMC-010PEREGRINIdoper\2,500 The techno pop that did loss of strength.
FMC-012O.A.D.The dish of Minoturos\2,500 A 2nd album of a group of FMC-003.
FMC-013DorillmanTAKE YOUR WAY\1,500 A Japanese hard psychedelic Rock.
FMC-014Wilkinson BrothersDressing a cow along the upper Nile\2,500 The instrumental music collection by a guitar, a piano,an acoustic base. The cutely peaceful music that seems to be Klimperai and Pascal Comerade.
FMC-016sachiko Mdebris\1,200 The 3 inch single room CD of sachiko M (sine wave musician).
FMC-017BidzilibaThe Universe of Bidziliba\2,500 The 2nd CD album of Bidziliba,a band that has been leading the local avant-guarde-pop music scene since they released their 1st in 1995.
FMC-018PIDGIN CONBOTHE LONG VACATION\2,500 Tom Cora(Cello) and a combined group with Japanese. The legendary collaboration of Tom Cora & Lunapark Ensemble. Including brilliant interplay of Tom (1953〜1998) & M.Shinoda(1958〜1992)
FMC-019DrillmanRICA-ON\2,000 A 3rd album of a group of FMC-013.
FMC-020Willkinson BrothersPeople from the continent\2,500 A 2nd album of the group of FMC-014.
FMC-021Slapp HappyLive in Japan May 2000\2,500 Sorry,this is release only of Japan.
FMC-022BIZIRIBAROKKYU\2,500 A 3rd album of a group of FMC-17.
FMC-023diesel guitarStream of Lights\2,500 The ambient noise album with a guitar. Recording in a Japanease temple in a mountain.
FMC-024Seiichi YAMAMOTO + F.S.DANCE\2,500 An onkyo album by data file exchange with Seiichi Yamamoto which are a guitarist of boredomes and Fhilip Samrtzis.
FMC-025\2,000 The folky album like the 49 Americans.
FMC-026, FMC-027Astoro Twin+CosmosAstoro Twin+Cosmos\2,500 The double album of Cosmos ( Ami Yoshida which are an owner of howling voice and sachiko M ) and Astoro twin (Ami Yoshida and Yutah Kawasaki of an analog synthesizer player). This album was awarded the golden Nica in a digital music section of 2003 ARS Electronica.
FMC-028RUINS + Kazuhisa UCHIHASIRUINS + Kazuhisa UCHIHASI\2,500 mprovisation with RUINS and Kazuhisa Uchihashi which is a guitarist of former Ground-Zero.
FMC-029OTOMO YOSHIHIDEDIGITAL TRANQUILIZER Ver.1.01\1,200 mprovisation with RUINS and Kazuhisa Uchihashi which is a guitarist of former Ground-Zero.
FMC-030~FMC-034FilamentFilamentBOX\9,000 TThe five CDes BOX of Filament(Otomo yoshihide and sachiko M).
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